That’s why you feel sorry for Linn Svahn – she deserves so much more after the enormous success at the World Cup

Linn Svahn is the world’s best sprinter right now.
And she is heading towards the very best season of her career.
Nevertheless, one feels so sorry for the Swedish 24-year-old.

We are only in February and Lynn Svahn has already won seven World Cup races. On Tuesday evening, she took great revenge on her Norwegian arch-rival Kristine Stavå’s Ski City by winning the sprint final in Canmore, Canada.

Svahn’s great success

Svahn thus consolidates his position as the world’s best sprinter this season. The Swede leads the overall Sprint Cup by far and is also second in the overall World Cup standings, behind the Tour de Ski winner Jessie Diggins.

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240213 Linn Svahn of Sweden celebrates after competing in women’s sprint during the FIS Cross-Country World Cup on February 13, 2024 in Canmore. SWEDEN AND NORWAY ONLY Photo: Nordic Focus / BILDBYRÅN

The 24-year-old is heading for by far the best season of his career and has won six individual races and two as a team at the World Cup. She is also getting close to breaking the record as the Swedish women’s skier who has won the most World Cup races of all time, Svahn now has 15 individual victories and chases Stina Nilsson’s 23 victories.

Shame about Linn

She is in the shape of her life and better than ever. Nevertheless, one feels so sorry for Linn Svahn and her skiing career.

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231023 Linn Svahn, skier, poses for a portrait during a kick-off meeting organized by the Swedish Ski Association on October 23, 2023 in Stockholm. Photo: Maxim Thoré / BILDBYRÅN / code MT / MT0483

Because if you take a quick look at the merit list, we only find one JVM bronze(!) from 2019. Svahn had her very first ski WC in 2021 ruined by the tough shoulder injury and it also led to her missing the 2022 Winter Olympics, then she came back just before the WC 2023 and won with two fourth places.

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When Linn Svahn has now found her way back to the top world elite again, it is during a championship-free year. There is one year left until the World Ski Championships 2025 and another year until the Winter Olympics 2026 in Milan-Cortina, a lot can happen during that time, but fingers are crossed that the Swedish sprint specialist can then salvage the gold medals she deserves so immensely.

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