That’s why the tennis star was suspended – the lie about his brother is now revealed

Mikael Ymer was suspended – and ended his career.
Now comes the truth about the shock.
The verdict reveals, among other things, the tennis star’s lie – about his brother, Rafael.

It was during the summer that the shock news came about Sweden’s biggest tennis star, and clearly the highest-ranked Swede in the world, Mikael Ymer. Ymer came from a summer where he made a success at Wimbledon, but also where he was involved in a whole controversial outing against a series of Swedish tennis icons.

The truth about the misses

But today Ymer has ended his career. The reason is that during the summer he was suspended for a full 18 months from all tennis, after missing three doping controls in the space of a year. Violating attendance reporting is a serious offense in sport, and the sentence against Ymer was harsh. Although the Swede insisted on his innocence, and especially had opinions about the third missed control, it was in vain.

230703 Mikael Ymer of Sweden competes in a first round singles tennis match during day 1 of Wimbledon on July 3, 2023 in London. Photo: Jesper Zerman / BILDBYRÅN

Ymer has said that at the time of the last, and absolutely decisive miss, he was in a hotel, but that the agent had indicated a different one. But now the verdict from CAS, the court of arbitration for sports, has been published in its entirety – and then it also appears that Ymer did away with the second missed doping control as well.

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The lie exposed

Ymer believes that he missed a check-up when his underage brother, Rafael, fell ill during the night. It led to Ymer going to check on him, him being up all night – and falling asleep an hour before the check-up. It turns out to be an outright lie. According to CAS’s judgment, it appears that the International Tennis Federation submitted evidence that the underage brother was at a tournament at the time – in Finland. Ymer then had to withdraw the objections, and in the end he was thus sentenced to an 18-month suspension.

230204 Mikael Ymer of Sweden during a press conference following the Davis Cup qualifier between Sweden and Bosnia and Herzegovina on February 3, 2023 in Stockholm. Photo: Jonathan Näckstrand / BILDBYRÅN

At the first miss, Ymer had stated that he was in Barcelona, ​​but in fact he had traveled to Ethiopia. However, Ymer did not have time to be suspended for very long before he announced that his tennis career is over. CAS believes that Ymer was never suspected of any prohibited substances, and that all tests were negative. However, the regulations are clear about stay reporting.

Mikael Ymer was ranked 51st in the world when the shock news came.

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