That’s why the Reacher star wants to play one of the most famous DC heroes ever

Alan Ritchson, who played the main character in the Amazon series Reacher, is seen by many as a suitable candidate for Batman. Now he spoke in an interview about why he would like to play the dark knight.

With Batman: The Brave and The Bold, a new film about the well-known superhero from the DC universe will be released, directed by James Gunn.

But who will play the main role in it is currently unknown. However, many fans think Reacher star Alan Ritchson would be perfect for the role – and he too seems excited about the idea.

Here you can see a trailer for the Amazon hit Reacher:

German trailer for the 2nd season of Reacher

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“I want to be Bruce Wayne!”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter on April 3, 2024, the question arose as to whether he would rather play the hero Batman or the villain Joker. Alan Ritchson then said that Joaquin Phoenix would portray the Joker appropriately.

The actor, however, would immediately take on the role of Batman. He said enthusiastically: “I would love to play Batman, there, I said it! Okay, I’ll shout it from the rooftops: ‘I want to be Bruce Wayne!'”

You can watch the entire interview with the Reacher star here on YouTube. To get to the Batman part, skip to 0:43:

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The 41-year-old further explained why he finds the role of the hero so interesting. For him it’s less about physical strength and more about Batman’s cognitive strength:

The thing about Batman is – do you know what his superpower is? Intelligence: The guy is the smartest superhero there is.

He’s inventive and has all sorts of gadgets, but he’s super smart. I want to be that guy and also have a den of hypercars, sports cars and awesome motorcycles.

Alan Ritchson, Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Although the casting of Alan Ritchson as Batman is not yet certain, you will definitely be able to see the star in another sci-fi action film, as you can read here from our film release colleagues: But not on Amazon Prime Video: New action role for “Reacher” star Alan Ritchson

If the actor were to get the role as Batman, it would be his third role in the DC Universe. He has already played Aquaman in the Smallville series and Hawk in Titans.

In another interview, the Reacher actor talked about how he can have so much muscle mass at 41 years old and how he supports his training with testosterone:

The star of Reacher only had his breakthrough at 39: uses testosterone and wants to remain a muscle titan for 15 years