That’s why everyone’s talking about Ben Mitku’s limitless April Fools’ Day prank

Thats why everyones talking about Ben Mitkus limitless April Fools

It was 2016 that Ben Mitkupp stepped into Young & Spoiled”. Life would not be the same after that.

Ben chose to invest in a YouTube channel that grew explosively. Today he has over 500,000 subscribers and he has also been in a number of programs such as Farmen VIP and the reality series “Good luck guys”.

But much else has happened to Ben in recent years. He has met the love of his life in Caroline Johnson and in 2023 they had their first child together.

Ben and Caroline quickly decided to buy a home for the family but realized that it would require a cash investment of around SEK 600,000. Ben had heard that many influencers today earn a decent amount of money by vlogging often – which he now decided to test. Every day.

And IF it paid off.

For 90 days in a row, the couple vlogged about their everyday life, which ended up with more than a million in the account.

“Thank you very much indeed to all of you who have been with us every day. You are absolutely amazing and thank you for helping us so much with our future and house dream. Unreal, but WE DID it together. Forever grateful,” he wrote to his followers.

That’s why everyone’s talking about Ben Mitku’s April Fool’s joke

Ben is currently in a neat baby bubble but every now and then he chooses to fool around with his followers – and this time he took it a step further.

During the first of April, Ben went out with an apology to his followers. This after he allegedly posted a distasteful joke on Instagram.

Ben Mitku’s post. Image source: benmitkus/Instagram

But the truth is that – that was exactly the joke. That Ben never posted a joke.

All over social media, gossip accounts, regular accounts, and other blog accounts were writing asking what exactly Ben posted. But in the comment field you can now see that most people have started to realize that it was the post that was the joke.