That’s why Anders Hansen has no children: “Terrible worry”

Thats why Anders Hansen has no children Terrible worry

Anders Hansen is a psychiatrist and author. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Stockholm School of Economics and is trained as a doctor with specialist training in psychiatry at the Karolinska Institutet.

In connection with his various television programs such as “Your brain” and “Your personality”, he has become perhaps Sweden’s most popular psychiatrist.

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Hansen has previously been selective with what he has chosen to share about his private life, but in a new interview with Dagens Nyheter he shares, among other things, why he does not have children.

In a previous interview with the same newspaper, he has claimed that his childlessness was due to his career focus.

– It might sound strange, but I’ve been working so much that I haven’t prioritized relationships. It has not been a conscious choice, but everything has just flowed along and been fun, he said in 2020.

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“Absolutely furious”

Now a few years have passed since then.

Anders Hansen has a close relationship with his mother, who he talks to every day. However, this has also contributed to a concern in his life. When she doesn’t answer, it may happen that he takes a taxi out to Täby, he tells DN.

And the thought of having children worries him even more.

– Isn’t having children a terrible worry? I think about how worried I am for my mother, if I had had kids I would have been completely…, says Hansen and continues:

– If I had a teenage daughter, I would have carried a rifle with me everywhere and probably been absolutely furious, even more furious, on social media because they don’t clean up certain things.

However, the fact that he is childless does not mean that he has no children around him. He has witnessed several of his friends’ children grow up, he says in the interview.

– I am with my friends’ children sometimes. They are great. But after a couple of hours with some middle schoolers, I have to have smelling salts and just come down,” he tells DN.