That’s what the “Paradise” contestants have to do in order to sleep in the house

Thats what the Paradise contestants have to do in order

It was in April 2021 that two “Paradise Hotel” participants told Expressen that they had been subjected to abuse during the season that was broadcast at the time. After suspicions of sexual abuse, it was canceled when the current season was suspended during the time it was being broadcast.

A preliminary investigation into rape and sexual harassment was opened, but in April 2022 it was dropped.

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The rules of the new “Paradise”

In autumn 2022, the first season of the new venture “Paradise” premiered. The kinder version “Paradise” would be very different from “Paradise Hotel”, and meant a whole bunch of new rules and changes.

For example, the participants were allowed to pair up with whoever they wanted, regardless of gender, and the age limit was higher. The double beds were replaced with single beds and consent rules were introduced. If the participants wanted to be intimate with each other, they needed to convey their consent to the production beforehand.

Season two of “Paradise”. Photo: Press image/Pluto TV Criticism of new “Paradise”: Called “pk-hotel”

But the first season of “Paradise” was quickly met with strong criticism, with many viewers saying the show was simply too boring. On social media, there were healthy jokes about “Paradise”, which was called both “pk-hotel” and “Borås Hotel”.

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Tone Sekelius on Paradise: “There’s a lot of sex”

On April 9, season two of “Paradise” premiered on Pluto TV, and the host Tone Sekelius hints that the program is now significantly messier.

– It’s a lot of sex, yes. They’re building forts out of quilts and stuff, because there’s so damn much lying around, she says News24.

As early as in episode two, it comes to life… Screenshot/Pluto TV/”Paradise”

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The Rules of Consent in Season Two of ‘Paradise’

A big talking point before the very first season was the rules around sex and consent in the new venture “Paradise”. But what do these rules actually look like in season two? Nyheter24 has spoken to the participants Chancellor “Charlie” Mulumba, Josephine Horst, Fatou Sillah and Ram Alshibli.

– It was a lot of consent for us too and that you have to approve what is happening, says Fatou Sillah.

They compete in season two of ‘Paradise’

“We first thought the thumbs up would be shit-cringe”

The participants say that if you were going to share a bed with someone, you had to notify the production in advance. However, there was nothing that the participants were not allowed to do, as long as they had given their consent beforehand.

– If a new person came in, you could just say “all” (to the production, ed. note). They brought everyone so they could sleep next to someone in case of a crisis. So it was still quite calm and you got used to it very quickly. At first we thought this thumbs up would be shit-cringe. But it was also just something that just fell naturally, says participant Josefine Horst.

Josephine and Charlie. Photo: Press image/Pluto TV

Josefine says that the participants reminded each other all the time to give the thumbs up to the camera, and that eventually it became a natural part of everyday life inside the house.

– If you wanted to make out, both of you should have given the thumbs up to the camera beforehand. If you wanted to have sex with someone, you should have given your consent beforehand, so that it does not happen that people have sex when they are very drunk and cannot give consent, says Ram Alshibli.

– I think it was good that the rules existed because we know what has happened before. So I hope they can continue with the rules going forward, says Chanslin “Charlie” Mulumba, adding:

– At the end of the day, you don’t know each other.

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“It’s good that there is consent”

Ram is also positive about the program’s rules regarding consent.

– It is good that there is consent in that there can be extra pressure on participants that you want to do it for the sake of television, especially when you are drunk. Then it’s good that you actually said yes to this when you were sober and had no pressure on you, he says.

Ram and Fatou. Photo: Press image/Pluto TV

However, Fatou believed that the rules of consent also had their downsides. She explains that she understands why the rules exist, but believes that it was not always necessary during, for example, drinking games at parties.

– When we ran “truth or trick”, we had to agree before we could even do the thing that you were challenged to do. So I thought that was a bit difficult, she explains and continues:

– What happened must not happen. But it is still adults who choose to do this. You absolutely shouldn’t behave that way, but I think that everyone who comes on the show is very aware that they are being filmed. We are all adults and I believe somewhere that we can make decisions for ourselves.

“Paradise” airs on Pluto TV.