That’s how it went in the 2024 EU elections

SD certainly retains its three mandates in the EU Parliament, but expectations were significantly higher than that. The party had aimed to become the second largest party, but received only 13.2 percent of the vote.

The Social Democrats got the most votes with 24.9 percent, a slight increase from the last EU election in 2019.

EU elections 2024

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  • The moderates became the second largest party with 17.6 percent and the big surprise of the evening was that the Green Party overtook the SD and became the third largest with 13.8 percent.

    KD lost

    With 6175 out of 6589 electoral districts counted on Monday morning it also looks like the Liberals will barely survive in parliament.

    After a shaky evening, the party landed just above the four percent barrier of 4.4 percent.

    Both the Center Party and the Christian Democrats retreated compared to the last EU election and ended up at 7.3 and 5.7 percent, respectively.

    However, the Center Party retains its two mandates, while the Christian Democrats lose one of two mandates.

    The folk list missed

    For the newly started party Folklistan, but led by Jan Emanuel and Sara Skyttedal, there was no mandate in the EU Parliament. The group “other”, where Folklistan is includedgathered according to the preliminary election results 2.2 percent of the voters.

    – We have done the best we could to change. It didn’t work, but at least we tried, says Emanuel.

    The turnout was 50.7 percent, according to preliminary figures from the Electoral Authority. The same figure was 55 percent in the 2019 EU election.

    The final result is expected later this week.

    Follow the vote count on SVT’s election results service.

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