That’s behind the decision

Thats behind the decision

If series or films leave Netflix, it is because there are other rights holders. But it’s usually different for series produced specifically for the streaming service: Stranger Things and Bridgerton should stay on Netflix forever. That’s what they were made for. One thinks.

Of all people first horror series produced exclusively for the service will be thrown out of the catalog in October. We’re talking about Hemlock Grove. How does this happen?

Hemlock Grove was Netflix’s first horror series to drop in October

The Eli Roth-produced horror series starring Bill “Pennywise” Skarsgård is one of the oldest Netflix originals. It premiered in April 2013, between House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black. The werewolf story garnered three seasons that have since been available on the streaming service’s catalogue. That’s going to change.

Check out the trailer for Hemlock Grove:

Hemlock Grove – S01 Trailer 3 (English) HD

Yesterday Netflix announced that all three seasons of Hemlock Grove will be withdrawn from the catalog in October. According to What’s on Netflix, the series will disappear outside the US on October 23, 2022.

This is behind the decision against Hemlock Grove

It’s an unusual move, given that Netflix originals are believed to be safe from the streaming giant’s monthly “clean-ups.” Exceptions are, for example, the series Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Co. produced by Marvel Studios, which are now streaming on Disney+. This is also where you can find it Explanation for the disappearance of Hemlock Grove.

The series was produced for the streaming service by Gaumont International Television, but only on a temporary basis. Therefore, she will leave Netflix exactly seven years after the premiere of the last episode (October 23, 2015).

Can Stranger Things Leave Netflix?


Hemlock Grove

When Netflix commissions a series, complex legal relationships arise, not least because of the production companies. Depending on what the contracts look like, it can happen that the rights expire or that the rights are bought (like Disney and Marvel).

However, as What’s on Netflix notes, the assumption is that Netflix owns the perpetual rights to most of its newer shows. It is unlikely that Stranger Things or Bridgerton will no longer be part of the catalog in a few months

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