Testing the ability to write code by speaking on GitHub

Testing the ability to write code by speaking on GitHub

owned by Microsoft GitHub The possibility of “writing code by speaking” is being tested on it. A new way for programmers who are tired of writing on the table.

One of the sine qua non of the software world GitHub, AI-based with $10 monthly fee copilot to the software “Hey, GitHub” brought the system. Thanks to the newly developed infrastructure, people interact with Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. Only can write code by speaking. For now, the infrastructure developed within the scope of an experimental test, as far as it is reported, facilitates the writing of code by software developers through auto-completion. copilot Since it works specifically, it can provide very good results.

GitHub, In a blog post published today, “With the power of your voice, we’re excited by the potential to bring the benefits of Copilot to more developers, including developers who have trouble typing with their hands.” said and added:Hey, GitHub!’ For now it’s just reducing the need for a keyboard when coding in VS Code, but we hope to expand its capabilities with more research and testing.”

Since the work on it will continue, it is curious to know what level it will reach in the future. behind this new system”researching the future of software development” consisting of researchers and engineers GitHub Next team is included. All details about the system, including usage, are directly available. here exists.

“Hey, GitHub” Speaking of which, a digital assistant who was claimed to get rid of the “Hey” tag recently made a sound. apple smart assistant developed by Siri, it will most likely get an update next year or 2024 so it will be an option to interact more easily.


According to Mark Gurman, a solid source for Apple Siri, Google in the future “Assistant” as in particular Can be used without the “Hey” command. So to activate Siri in the coming years There will be no need to say “Hey Siri”.

Mark Gurman had the following to say about it: “This may seem like a small change, but making this change requires a significant amount of AI training and basic engineering work.” This change obviously won’t make a huge difference, but it will be nice for the end user.