Tesla wants to build an army of employees with its humanoid robot

Tesla wants to build an army of employees with its

Tesla Big plans are being made for the humanoid robot, which has been developed for a long time by The company robot is largely will use.

Tesla signed humanoid robot for kidnappers 2023 It has been in development for a long time for the purpose of being put into production. The CEO, who made a statement on this subject in the past weeks, Elon Musk your robot September 30 He said that it will be presented with a working prototype version within the scope of the Tesla AI Day. This that the robot is designed to perform repetitive, tedious and dangerous tasks. Elon Musk stated that Bot can carry heavy objects and move quickly with small steps.

Here for this robot company that posted a large number of job postingsin one of these advertisements “in Tesla factories There will be thousands of humanoid robotsused the statement. The giant electric car manufacturer, which will place the robot it has developed in many of its factories where it produces cars, and will not be content with 1-2 robots here, will use these robots as we mentioned above. repetitive and dangerous tasks looks like it will take over real employees. This also means that some people will lose their jobs.

One of the biggest risks for the future, according to Musk low and rapidly declining birth rate. The famous CEO states that there are not enough people to work with and in the future believes that the humanoid robot Tesla Bot will fill the void. Musk even says: “If people don’t start having more children, civilization will collapse.”


Before that, a photo was shared from Tesla’s official Instagram account. to this photo “It’s okay if you can run faster than 8 km/h (If you can run faster than 5 mph, you’ll be fine)” description was added. Makes you smile with the description revealing the maximum movement speed of this robot Teslawill make other important announcements in the focus of artificial intelligence at the September 30 event.

The robot, which is generally planned for factory sites, will be It is also aimed to enter the houses. Musk, your robot cooking, mowing the lawn and caring for the elderly He says he can take on tasks such as However, there is perhaps at least 10 more years ahead of us for such a future. Stating that many talented people are working on the robot, Musk said that the robot is advanced. artificial intelligence systems are built on and 60kg It says it’s heavy.

musk, earlier “Tesla humanoid robot could develop a unique personality” He also made a lot of noise with his statement. What Musk meant here was that not every robot will be the same. It is also stated that Tesla Bot will develop personality depending on its owner and will be a friend in addition to basic tasks.