Tesla started recruiting personnel again

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One of the biggest names in the electric car market Tesla, After numerous layoffs, it began recruiting staff again.

Until recently, it had more than 140 thousand employees. Tesla, in the past months It had decided to part ways with its 14 thousand employees. As part of this layoff, which affected many different countries, it was also revealed that the company disbanded its new marketing team in the USA. was out. Founded at the beginning of 2024 and starting to strengthen the advertising side, which Tesla has not given much importance to for years, Team of 40 peoplein a very short time Alex Ingram And Jorge Milburn It became history with that. Senior Manager responsible for electric vehicle charging network, later from Tesla Rebecca Tinucci and new products manager Daniel Ho Left. It was reported that Daniel Ho had been working at the company for about 11 years, and Rebecca Tinucci had been working for 6 years. Over It was also stated that 500 people reporting to Tinucci would be laid off. Additionally, his entire team, which was previously under Rohan Patel, was laid off. was removed. Then, on top of all this, new layoffs started within the company. reported. As of today finally Recruitment, not dismissal, was on the agenda. The company opened new job postings for almost every position today. For now, there is no open position in Turkey, especially there are many open positions based in the USA and Europe. is located.