Tesla Model Y became the best-selling car model in 2023

Another increase is coming to Tesla Model Y prices

It is one of the fully electric models officially sold in Turkey. Tesla Model YThe best-selling car in 2023 happened.

Tesla Model Y, According to the sharing 1 million 223 thousand units with salesThe best-selling car of 2023” he managed to become. Model Y, whose sales in 2023 increased by 64 percent compared to 2022, will be sold 1 million 75 thousand units in 2023. Toyota RAV4 followed. In third place, 846 thousand units sold in 2023 Honda CR-V while in the rest of the list, 803 thousand sold Toyota Corolla, 715 thousand sold Toyota Corolla Cross, 650 thousand sold Toyota Camry, 623 thousand sold Ford F-150605 thousand sold Toyota Hilux, 534 thousand sold Nissan Sentra, 508 thousand sold Tesla Model 3, 478 thousand sold Honda Civic and 473 thousand sold BYD Qin Models such as were included. The new Model Y, which is expected to include many updates in the renewed Model 3as confirmed by Elon Musk It will remain until 2025. Model Y, the company’s best-selling vehicle, is the only Tesla model officially sold in Turkey. However, sales of electric vehicles in Türkiye are not going well. The vehicle entered the Turkish market very quickly, and although its special version came to Turkey, only 10 units were sold last month.