Tesla Model 2 will be produced in Germany

Tesla Model 2 will be produced in Germany

It is one of the electric vehicle models that has been on the table for a long time. Tesla Model 2 An important statement about Elon Musk made.

The company that truly launched the electric car market Tesla, It currently sells many different vehicles. Currently from the company Model 3, Model Y, Model S And Model X can be purchased. Also now electric truck Tesla Semi in the product range and next year Tesla Cybertruck with in the later period Tesla Roadster will also be put on the roads. The cheapest vehicle in its product range is Model 3, with an average price of 40 thousand dollars. In order to reach more people, Tesla He is also working on a $25,000 Tesla Model 2. Here is this vehicle, according to the statement made by Elon Musk in germany “Giga Berlin” will be produced in the factory. The vehicle, which is expected to be produced in other factories later but will be put on the roads first in Germany, will also be sold in Turkey. As you know, Model Y, the only model sold in Turkey, also comes from Germany, while the Chinese Model 3 cannot come to Turkey as it loses its price advantage due to the extra Chinese tax. Model 2 released before information According to the report, it will not be put on the roads before 2025. Plans for Model 2 are made Tesla aims to produce at its Gigafactory in MexicoAs far as it is reported, this factory is experiencing some problems, and at the current point, it is said that the factory can only start production in the first quarter of 2025.


Mexico-based Gigafactory While it is aimed to produce 2 million Model 2s per yearAccording to sources, Tesla has persuaded about 20 percent of its suppliers to invest in the Mexican operation. One of the key factors to the Shanghai Gigafactory’s success in China is that more than 90 percent of suppliers are located nearby, so Tesla took the logical step of He wants to repeat this in Mexico.