Tesla broke a new record with 5 million vehicle sales

Tesla broke a new record with 5 million vehicle sales

5,000,000: a figure most of us cannot fathom, especially when it comes to cars. Still a favorite of Silicon Valley Tesla, as announced yesterday, has finally reached this figure. Tesla launched its five millionth electric car on September 17, 2023 and broke a new record. This would have seemed a difficult feat in the automotive world two decades ago.

Let’s go back in time a bit. Founded in 2003, Tesla was met with excitement and skepticism by many. Few could have predicted the devastating impact this electric car initiative would have on the automotive industry. Many people were not even aware of the electric car category. How many kilometers will it go? There were not even answers to these questions where to charge. Fifteen years ago they unveiled their first product, the original Roadster. The roadster could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in under 4 seconds, a testament to the unexpected power an electric vehicle can have.

Tesla’s first car – Tesla Roadster

It took them 12 years to reach the first million vehicles, and this period ended in March 2020. But then, something remarkable happened. Tesla became the focus of everyone by increasing the 0-100 km/h times of all vehicles beyond gasoline vehicles. It saw the effect of this by increasing its sales by 1 million units within 18 months. Eleven months later the third million was reached, and the fourth took only seven months.

Tesla lowered its prices
Tesla Model S

If we do a quick calculation, the four millionth Tesla found its owners a little more than six months ago. The increasing factory and production capacity was also effective in the success of all these sales. Of course they are all interconnected (supply/demand issue).

If you’ve been keeping track, Tesla produces two million cars a year. And at this rate, we’ll see the six millionth car roll off the line by early 2024.

Tesla reduces prices of Model S and X

Now, talking about the details, the five millionth gold unit flaunts in stylish Pearl White color. Tesla Model 3 It was none other than Highland. So where was this beauty born? Let’s add that Tesla’s largest production facility, the Giga Shanghai factory, is also the largest electric vehicle factory in the world. A fitting birthplace for such an important vehicle – earlier this September, this factory celebrated producing its two millionth electric car.

Still, amid confetti and champagne flutes, it’s crucial to keep perspective. The automotive world is huge. Tesla needs to expand its operations several times in order to stand shoulder to shoulder with the largest automotive groups by producing 10 million units per year. Even with an ambitious 50% year-on-year growth target, they will need to struggle for several more years.

Tesla Model 3 - pearl white
Tesla Model 3 pearl white

What’s next for Tesla? There is Cybertruck. They said that they would organize a special delivery event for Cybertruck at the event held the other day. So we can expect deliveries within the next month (Finally). However, until the next generation of electric vehicles hits the streets, it looks like the Tesla Model Y will wear the crown as the company’s main product.

cybertruck postponed
Tesla Cybertruck

Additionally, they also talked about a new affordable vehicle at the same event. Tesla did not give any date for this vehicle, but we will wait and see how important it will be in the future.

model y Türkiye price
Tesla Model Y