Teresa Salming’s heartwarming tribute to little sister Bianca Salming – for the brave decision after father Börje’s death

The new documentary series about Börje and Bianca Salming has been released.
Then the high jumper is praised by older sister Teresa Salming.
“I know how hard you’ve worked and fought,” writes Teresa on Instagram.

The new documentary series “Salminggenen” was recently released on SVT Play. There you can follow Bianca Salmings career and grieving process, as well Börje Salmings tragic illness and death.

Teresa’s nice words

Filming has taken place between November 2021–September 2023. The series was originally going to focus solely on Bianca’s career and her mission to find out more about her father. Also Börje’s support and thoughts on how to reach the top of the world in sports. But shortly after filming began, Börje received his ALS diagnosis, and the documentary took a turn.

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220817 Bianca Salming of Sweden competes in women’s heptathlon shot put during day 7 of the European Championships on August 17, 2022 in Munich. Photo: Mathias Bergeld / BILDBYRÅN / code MB / VG0336

In an Instagram post, Bianca has shared the great difficulties that arose when filming the series after Börje’s death. But she made it – which is now praised by her older sister Teresa Salming.
“Bianca, my beloved sister. I am so damn proud of you and your journey with the series, and your continued journey in athletics and life. You’re still daddy’s daughter – incredible forehead bone, strong as an ox, and so nice, humble and loving, writes Teresa on her Instagram event.

Bianca’s answer

This week marks one year since Börje Salming passed away. In “The Salming Gene”, you get to follow Bianca’s struggle to move on in life and her sports career after losing one of the most important people in her life. For help, she has her family, who are going through the same thing.
“A tough year has passed, and will continue for a while longer. I am so grateful for our memories of dad who make us cry but also laugh together and become strong together,” writes Teresa further.

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230211 Teresa Salming before the ice hockey match between Tre Kronor Legends and Toronto Maple Leafs Alumni on February 11, 2023 in Gävle. Photo: Emma Wallskog / BILDBYRÅN / COP 320 / EW0160

The documentary is released in three parts and also features appearances from Bianca and Teresa’s brothers Anders and Rasmus SalmingBörje’s older brother Stig Salmingand Bianca’s mother Katarina Pettersson.
“Thank you for creating the series about your journey and that with it we have gained several nice memories of dad and the Salming gene that you share. I know how hard you’ve worked and fought and how bloody cruel you are! I am SO touched by the series, you should be SO proud Bianca”, Teresa ends her lovely message to her little sister.

“My sister, love you,” Bianca replies on her Instagram, followed by a heart emoji.

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