Tension rose in Ukraine! First statement from Zelensky after the referendum decision

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Since February, there has been a development that the world is talking about in the war that has continued on the territory of Ukraine. It has been announced that a referendum will be held in the Luhansk, Donetsk and Kherson regions in the east of the country between 23-27 September to join Russia.

After the development, which further increased the tension in the region where the war is still ongoing, reactions came from many countries, including NATO, the USA and the EU, and it was stated that this was unacceptable.


Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba reacted to the separatist administrations’ decision to hold a referendum to join Russia, saying, “Fake referendums will not change anything.” had warned.


After the critical development, all eyes were turned to the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenskiy, and the first statement came. According to reports in the Ukrainian media, Zelenskiy stated that they will not show any weakness and will continue to defend and liberate Ukraine. Zelenskiy also expressed that they are fully supported by the partners.