Ten are believed to have been killed by Iran’s security forces

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The human rights organization Amnesty International states that up to ten people have been killed by Iranian security forces during Friday in connection with protests critical of the regime.

The data comes from the province of Sistan and Baluchistan in the south-eastern part of the country. In a statement, Amnesty accuses security forces of having “fired sharply” from positions on the roofs of government buildings in the provincial capital, Zahedan.

The Norwegian-based human rights organization IHR (Iran Human Rights) publishes video recordings showing how injured people are carried away after security forces opened fire.

Protests erupted after Friday prayers in Zahedan and several other places in the province.

Zahedan has previously been the site of heavy attacks by security forces on protesters. On September 30, more than 80 people were killed when security forces attacked protesters.

Anti-regime protests erupted after the death of Masha Amini on 16 September. Amini had been arrested earlier that week by Iran’s so-called morality police who felt she was not wearing her shawl properly.