Temsa LD SB E; first electric intercity bus

Temsa LD SB E first electric intercity bus

Temsa LD SB E, which was launched to the world as part of the fair in Germany, may also have an important role in Turkey’s electricity future.

The commercial vehicle fair held in Hannover is more active than ever with the electric current in the large segment. TEMSA, with its new electric vehicle model, LD SB E, has been involved in these steps, in which important players for Turkey such as Karsan Anadolu Isuzu and Ford Otosan have drawn attention. The brand, which has increased the number of vehicles in its electric product range to 5 with the TEMSA LD SB E, which is the first electric intercity bus produced by a European company, aims to increase the share of electric vehicles in total production to 50 percent in the next 3 years.


Temsa LD SB E technical specifications

LD SB E, which took the stage in Hannover, can be offered to consumers in two different options, 12 or 13 meters. The vehicle, which has a passenger capacity of 63 people, is at a level that can meet expectations thanks to its 250 kW electric motor. Offering 3 different battery capacity options, 210, 280 and 350 kWh, the range of the LD SB E can reach up to 350 kilometers under suitable conditions. The vehicle can reach full charge capacity in about 2 hours. The digital instrument panel comes as standard in the vehicle. In this way, drivers can easily follow all information about driving. TEMSA officials underlined that thanks to the location of most of the electrical components in the same region, the vehicle also provides great convenience in service and maintenance services.