Telge Bostäder is testing a new system for food deliveries

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Now a number of cool boxes are being tested for a year at five addresses belonging to Telge Bostäder. The idea is to facilitate food deliveries for residents in the houses, but in a greener way.

– You create an account via an app and order via a grocery store here in Sördertälje. The box is opened using the phone’s bluetooth, says Helen Kihlman, coordinating business developer at Telge Bostäder.

Intelligent temperature

With the help of smart technology, the temperature of the boxes is adjusted depending on the delivery.

– At the same time as the goods are delivered into the box, a cooling function is activated that adapts to the type of food that is ordered, regardless of whether it is a refrigerator, freezer or dry goods, explains Gustav Wreile, co-founder of the boxes, in a text message to SVT Nyheter Södertälje.