Teenagers are offered 5,000 – to murder

Five teenagers and a 20-year-old are charged after shootings that can be linked to the wave of violence in Stockholm.
The teenagers are said to have been controlled by the 20-year-old, who has links to Rawa Majid, known as the “Kurdish Fox”.
– We have seen in pictures how he posed with this ring which is said to be typical of the subjects of the Kurdish fox, says prosecutor Lisa dos Santos.

It was a Saturday afternoon that three 15-year-olds chased a man with automatic weapons in Enskede in southern Stockholm. A total of seven shots were fired at the man who was on his way with food for his father.

– The instruction that one of the 15-year-olds received just seconds before, is that he should shoot a person with a Gucci cap and a jacket worth over SEK 5,000, says prosecutor Karin Hammar.

– It is shot at a person who has no connections to a criminal network in any way.

Ruled by the “Kurdish Fox”

Six boys, between 15 and 20 years old, are now charged on suspicion of three acts of violence in Stockholm which are said to have occurred at the end of January this year. Three more 14-year-olds are involved, but cannot be prosecuted due to their young age.

According to the prosecutors, the boys have been controlled by a 20-year-old man who in turn has been controlled by Rawa Majid, known as the “Kurdish fox”, and who is the leader of the criminal network “Foxtrott”.

– We assess the 20-year-old as a client for younger people, he is part of a local network in Jordbro. That network is in itself subordinate to the Kurdish Fox network, says prosecutor Lisa dos Santos. She continues:

– We have seen in pictures how he posed with this ring which is said to be typical of the subjects of the Kurdish Fox.


The reckless violence is caught on film: The man opens fire – in the stairwell

14-year-old who ran away from Sis home involved

In one of the cases, a 14-year-old boy with a Kalashnikov shoots straight into an apartment in the Stockholm suburb of Fruängen, where members of the Dalen network are believed to be. Among other things, there is a one-year-old baby in the apartment, according to the prosecutors.

It is the same 14-year-old who escaped from a Sis home outside Gothenburg on Monday.

Part of the evidence is chats in confiscated cell phones, which tie the boys to the shootings. In some chats, they are offered 5,000 kroner to shoot someone dead.

– You have to go and pick up a “guy”, the “guy” has to be put in the car, you have to empty the whole “gut”, it has to be filmed. It’s laziness and a quick search, says Lisa dos Santos.

“Shocked” by the age

In total, there are three charges that will be tried in a joint case at the Södertörn district court, because they are closely intertwined and include the same people, motive and evidence.

– What I and my colleagues are shocked by is that the perpetrators are so incredibly young, they arm themselves with automatic weapons, and simply empty them at people, says Lisa dos Santos.

The trial is expected to last between May 8 and June 8. The charges include attempted murder, preparation for murder and aggravated weapons offences.