Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond are coming to FIFA 23

Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond are coming to FIFA 23

A post from Ted Lasso’s account indicates that the famous TV character and possibly his team will take part in FIFA 23.

Would you like Ted Lasso to be in FIFA 23 with his team, AFC Richmond? Apparently, we will see Apple TV’s beloved award-winning TV series Ted Lasso in FIFA 23. According to the sharing from the official social media accounts of the series, the beloved character will continue to add joy to the virtual environment.

Update: The promotional video has been released;

Ted Lasso and his team, AFC Richmond, are coming to FIFA 23

The Ted Lasso series is a successful Apple TV production that did not return empty-handed from the last Emmy awards. You don’t need a love of football to watch this series. Although the events are shaped around a coach and football team, it is possible to say that there are many other subjects that the series focuses on. If you haven’t watched it, it is a production that we highly recommend.

Returning to the subject, a visual about the MoCap work was published on the official social media account of the series. Along with this image, the description reads, “Watch out, Mario! You’re not the only pixel man with a mustache who never knows where the tube is taking him…”

The thing that connects the event with FIFA 23, of course, is the reply to this tweet. Because the eye emoji was placed in this message, which was sent from the official twitter account of the FIFA series, indicating that a kind of announcement would be soon.