Technology brought disaster: Surgery robot killed the patient… Scandalous claims!

Technology brought disaster Surgery robot killed the patient Scandalous claims

78-year-old Sandra Sultzer, who underwent surgery for the treatment of colon cancer in 2022 and used the “da Vinci surgical robot”, could not regain her health. During the surgery that Sultzer entered with the hope of recovery, a process that would cost him his life began due to the robot’s error. The poor woman’s small intestine was covered with burn marks and a hole was formed. The final blow was that this hole caused a serious leak…

According to the news in DailyMail, it was announced that Sultzer, who could not maintain his health after the surgery and whose condition worsened, died after showing symptoms of serious abdominal pain and high fever.


Sultzer’s family, who had no other health problems other than colon cancer, decided to sue the hospital management. Sultzer’s wife stated that she observed a surgeon using the four-arm machine through a camera and said, “This surgery caused my wife’s death.”


In the petition, it was claimed that the robot was not used properly, the health of the patients was ignored, the cover around the robot was missing and electrical leakage occurred. It was also emphasized that doctors did not notice the burn caused by the robot.

In addition to the ongoing investigation into the incident, a decision on the case is also awaited.