Technical details have arrived for BYD SEAL U DM-i to be sold in Turkey

Turkiye date given for BYD SEAL U DM i April 15

Recently on the official website was announced as far as BYD SEAL U DM-i It will be on the roads of Türkiye on April 15.

“Two Worlds in One” having the motto BYD SEAL U DM-i, He officially begins his adventure in Türkiye on April 15. BYD Türkiye, which has updated the official site of the vehicle, will be sold in Turkey with this update. “hybrid” of the model 145 kW engine power you will have, 18.3 kWh capacity battery With this battery, the model is fully electric. You can travel 80 km and total range with gasoline engine Confirmed it will reach up to 1,080 km. The company also states the following for the vehicle:BYD Super DM Technology has been developed to deliver high levels of energy efficiency and lower fuel consumption, providing a convenient low carbon option for environmentally conscious consumers. Xiaoyun 1.5L Gasoline Engine produces industry-leading thermal efficiency of 43.04%. The extremely powerful electric motor, which is 97% efficient, provides economical performance and the 100% electric driving range reaches up to 80 km. It offers a reassuringly long range of more than 1,000 km in different conditions. BYD SEAL U DM-i has many active and passive safety measures, especially for families, such as 7 airbags, emergency lane tracking, forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking.”


Before this, the company had made a splash with a model that would not come to Turkey soon. that vehicle The first electric pickup prepared by BYD model, and as far as it is reported, the vehicle will be available for purchase in many global markets before the end of 2024. The company, which has prepared an imposing model, will take it with this vehicle. It can reach huge sales figures in markets where pickups are very popular, such as the USA.

The electric pickup, for which no technical leak has been made yet but expectations are high, is designed with a double cabin and Production information is being announced very soon.. Chinese brand with incredible growth in many markets including Türkiye in 2023 BYD, Although the year before these was slightly below expectations, It made a splash when it closed with a net profit of $4.16 billion..

Only in the last quarter of 2023 $1.20 billion net profit The company managed to achieve huge increases compared to 2022 in almost every item. in 2023 1.6 million “all-electric” cars The brand, which made sales, came very close to its major rival Tesla, which saw 1.8 million sales.