Team captain about the poke: “Very sad”

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“I have chosen the available players that I consider to be the best right now,” said national team captain Tomas Axnér at the squad selection.

Carin Strömberg, the 29-year-old who led the national team in the role of team captain in the Olympics and World Cup, was not included in that crowd.

— I always want to be part of and play in the national team. But I think I have to turn it into motivation and invest in taking a place in the future instead, she says SVT.

Strömberg says that she has received a justification from Axnér, but does not choose to go into it further. However, she still hopes for a place in the EC squad.

— I have to give my best to show myself here in the club team and that’s where you have your big arena. So I just have to do everything to perform here, says the Nantes professional.

In November, the EC will be played in Slovenia, North Macedonia and Montenegro. The national handball team begins the upload with two international matches against Brazil on September 29, Uppsala, and on October 1, Eskilstuna.