Teachers are tired of hearing parents say, “Parents can…”

Teachers are tired of hearing parents say Parents can

Working as a teacher is much more than just teaching. Among other things, you also need to be in contact with your students’ parents. News24 have talked to Simon Frostner who works as a physical education teacher and runs the Tiktok account “Frostner’s World” which has over 89,000 followers. He talks about what it’s like to have contact with parents.

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Teachers and parents talk about it

Simon Frostner says that he teaches 180 students and the main contact with parents is via email. He says that communication comes from both his side and from parents who have questions.

– Sometimes it’s the parents who get in touch and sometimes it’s me. It could be if a student has misbehaved in a lesson or perhaps performed very well recently.

A large part of the communication is, of course, about the physical education lessons themselves.

– Based on the fact that I am a physical education teacher, parents usually contact me to inform that their child has injured themselves or is ill and therefore cannot attend the physical education lesson. Parents can also get in touch about grades and ask me to explain how I have set a grade, he tells Nyheter24.

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The physical education teacher is tired of hearing that

There is one recurring thing that Simon Frostner is tired of hearing from parents. It happens that parents think their child should have a high grade because he is at an elite level in his sport.

But Simon Frostner believes that sports at school are about much more than being good at a sport.

– But sports and health are so much more than sports. Being good at a sport can of course create good conditions for a high grade, but as I said, it is much more than what is required. Sports and health is a subject of knowledge that includes everything from outdoor life, orienteering, dance, games, lifesaving, gymnastics, health, knowledge in how to plan, carry out and evaluate exercise.

He adds that he gets along well with the vast majority of parents and that the relationship with the parents is at least as important as the relationship with the students. It is also important for the students to feel good and achieve their goals.

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