Teacher, principal, development manager – now Peyman Vahedi from Kramfors is entering politics

Last minute The world stood up after Putins decision in

Vahedi saw several areas of development that were keen to be tackled within Kramfors municipality and chose to show his interest and commitment to politics. And the Social Democratic voters like him.

– I am partly surprised by the election result as so many have expressed it in this way. And at the same time not, because I am absolutely sure that citizens recognize the problem descriptions very clearly, says Peyman Vahedi (S).

Transparency in decision-making

He wants to see transparency in decision-making. To ensure that the exercise of authority is consistent with what the legislation says about various rights.

– We have to make sure that formally and ideologically we actually stand up for the things that are the legislator’s intentions, says Peyman Vahedi (S)

Peyman Vahedi (S) will combine his current work at Hemab in Härnösand with his political involvement in Kramfors.

Hear Peyman Vahedi in the clip.