Taylor Swift threatens to sue student who publishes celebrity flight information – equates to stalking | Foreign countries

Taylor Swift threatens to sue student who publishes celebrity flight

Jack Sweeney, who is the target of the threat, has also published the flight information of Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, among others.

Pop star Taylor Swift threatens to pull a 21-year-old Florida student by Jack Sweeney sued for publishing the flight data of his private plane. The news agency AP and BBC.

Sweeney posts public flight information on social media for Swift and the private flights of politicians, billionaires and other public figures.

Sweeney has received a letter from the law firm representing Swift, which claims that the release of the flight information will provide information and a road map to followers who intend to harm Taylor Swift.

Sweeney has delivered the lawyers’ letter with his own comments to the news agency AP. He says he has no intention of causing harm and believes in the importance of public information and transparency.

– It would be reasonable to assume that their plane is being followed, whether I am following it or not. After all, it is public information, Sweeney writes.

Swift’s spokesman claims that the sick Followers, or stalkers, have obviously been able to use the information published by Sweeney. The spokesman has not presented any more specific evidence for his claim.

Last month, a 33-year-old man was arrested near Swift’s house for stalking the star.

Claims that Sweeney intentionally wanted to cause Swift harm may be difficult to prove. Flight information is information published by the US Civil Aviation Authority, which Sweeney packages on his own social media channels.

At his best, Sweeney has had thirty flights to the following account.

In 2022, Sweeney had a confrontation with the owner of the messaging service X Elon Musk’s with. At that time, X closed the Elonjet account that followed the owner discounts