Tax, how much can be recovered with the extension of the deadlines to March 15th

Tax how much can be recovered with the extension of

(Finance) – With the extension for the payments of two installments of the scrapping-quater due in 2023 the taxman could recover i 5.4 billion missingallowing interested taxpayers not to lose the benefits of the facilitated settlement of tax bills for not having paid the required amounts.

The data were announced by the Undersecretary for the Economy, Lucia Albano, responding to question time in the Finance Committee of the Chamber. In detail, Albano specified that “compared to the amounts to be paid for the installments expiring in 2023, equal to 11.9 billion euros, the overall forfeiture rate recorded stood at 45.4%, equal to 5.4 billion euros”. A figure, therefore, which could enter the treasury coffers, probably only in part, with the new deadline for payments, set with the milleproroghe decree on 15 March 2024 to which five days of tolerance are added, thus effectively arriving at expires March 20th. The same deadline is foreseen for the payment of the third instalment. The undersecretary also provided data on the rates of forfeiture of previous scrapping: the amounts that taxpayers, who initially adhered to the facilitated definitions (which allow them to comply with the tax authorities by paying what they owe and with a discount on interest and penalties) they then did not pay.

The forfeiture rate was 53% for the first scrapping, 67% for the second scrapping and 70% for the third scrapping.