Tappara have described their players as shy boys at the elementary disco – an expert expects new plots from the team

Tappara have described their players as shy boys at the

TPS’s active grip narrowed the final series in Turku. According to Sports expert Topi Nättinen, it will be interesting to see how Tappara reacts to playing TPS on Thursday.

Tappara can decide the Finnish championship in the fifth Finnish Championship League final on Thursday against TPS. Puheen’s Hockey Tour will follow the match from 6 p.m. Tappara leads the series with 3-1 victories.

– We were like an elementary disco. The bravest dances and the shyest boys watching from the sidelines. Most of us had little shy boys. That’s not the way to win games, a well-earned victory for Teps, Tappara’s head coach Jussi Tapola characterized C Morelle as losing in the final.

TPS narrowed the match winnings to 1–3 in the Finnish Championship finals on Tuesday, when own increased Elmeri Eronen shouted to the home crowd about six minutes before the closing buzzer. A 1-0 win can be considered earned, as TPS was clearly on the neck from the start of the final round. Before that, the game was smoother.

– TPS was active on the disc, stayed on the disc and got under pressure. They wanted to win. It just showed up in everything you do, Sports Expert Topi Nättinen tiviisti.

The finals, like the playoffs, usually settle for small things. This time, TPS’s good vibe at the start was rewarded. The people of Turku won the starts in the final round 11–5.

– The story is built on small things. Mitch Hults took the starting victory, the piers struggled, caused härdell, and that is where it was built.

In the finals, hero cloaks have been taken by goalkeepers. With Tappara’s paint Christian Heljanko has conceded equal numbers of hits in four games and fought the puck with 95.8 percent confidence. TPS: n Andrei Karejevilla there are six goals saved and a rejection rate of 91.8%.

– Heljanko has been annealed a lot, but Karejevia could be annealed just as much. The discs don’t bounce, he does his job really well and is a professional on top of that. You can see here too that everything is done carefully. Great to watch the goalkeepers play.

Tappara will have the next opportunity to the Canada Cup already on Thursday in his home trough at Tampere Arena. Nättinen sees that the people of Tampere have to invent new plots against TPS.

– TPS has now issued a storm warning and the setup must be reversed. Tappara has talked a lot about understanding the strengths of TPS, but now they really got the signal from there. It’s exciting to see how they react to it, but Tappara now has to come up with something new.

TPS has been close to victory in the final series before. In the second match in Turku, the puck finally bounced off the skate to the finish line in extra time.

– TPS has been very close all along and the games have been really tight goal games. In the overtime game, TPS experienced a mentally difficult solution. There could have been one shot in that, too, and this series would have been different.

– Now it’s different. One flute day will definitely do well, as there are two really heavy hockey matches behind it, Nättinen says.

TPS head coach Jussi Ahokas also spun for Sport after the match that TPS could have earned a victory in its column earlier.

– Maybe we should have won some of those three games, but there’s nothing we can do about it. Now they have to be taken through this. Tappara is a very high quality team, you can’t get anywhere from it, but luckily we’re tenacious.

– You have to take the robbery from Tampere. We think of nothing but the next exchange and the next game, Ahokas emphasized.