Taliban bans PUBG in Afghanistan for inciting violence

Taliban bans PUBG in Afghanistan for inciting violence

It’s a joke but true. The Taliban, which took over the administration of Afghanistan, bans applications such as PUBG and Tiktok on the grounds that they lead to violence.

From time to time, we see that some countries come to the fore with game ban news. Especially countries such as China are acting more closed to the outside in this regard and are trying to control the situation in the market. In the past hours, there has been a new ban news that is much more absurd than this. The Taliban, which is in control of Afghanistan, stated that applications such as PUBG, PUBG Mobile and Tiktok will be banned in the country.

PUBG and Tiktok are banned in Afghanistan

The justification for this prohibition is obviously anecdotal. It has been stated that such games and practices will lead the youth to violence and bans will be made on the grounds that they are a waste of time. It has also been announced that this decision will enter into force in the next three months. In other words, telecommunication companies operating in Afghanistan have to make these bans within 90 days.

The Taliban, which came to the administration of Afghanistan in 2021, blocked more than 20 million websites from visiting the country last year and stated that these sites were “full of immoral content”.