Tajani, ‘Stellantis assured me that it will remain in Italy’

Tajani Stellantis assured me that it will remain in Italy

(Finance) – Stellantis he assured that “he absolutely intends to stay in Italy“. The deputy prime minister reported this today Antonio Tajani, answering some questions on the sidelines of the Italy-China business dialogue forum underway in Verona. “I can tell you that I I received assurances from Stellantis that he absolutely intends to continue to remain in Italy and that there is no intention of abandoning our country”, said Tajani.

These reassurances were also pronounced “with a form of regret for what had been said, so I willingly take note of it, we’ll see how the production will be”. As for the hypothesis of a second producer, also Chinese, in Italy, “we’ll see if there will be one other opportunities in the automotive sector: we are for growth, we will see what happens, there is time to decide”. Tajani reported that “These are important weeks for us“, because “there are many dialogues underway, so I hope that the dialogues, when they occur, will bring concrete results”.