Systembolaget’s warning to customers: “Doesn’t help”

Systembolagets warning to customers Doesnt help

The state-owned Systembolaget sells millions of liters of alcohol each year in the form of beer, wine, cider and spirits.

All goods that are sold are transported to the stores during weekdays, which means that you depend on deliveries and distribution to flow without problems so that the sales function smoothly.

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Systembolaget’s deliveries take place on weekdays. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TTSystembolaget on the IT attack: “Out of certain goods”

Earlier this week, however, Systembolaget’s subcontractor was exposed to an IT attack. This has meant that there is a risk of a shortage of goods on the shelves before the Walpurgis weekend, something that customers have been informed about.

– It looks hopeful. We believe we will be up again in a few days. Some items may be out of stock in the next few days, it depends a bit, have Sarah Norellhead of product range and supply at Systembolaget, told TT.

As if the IT attack and possible delayed deliveries were the final straw, the next cold shower is now coming for some customers. This is because those who have ordered goods from the order range now risk not receiving any goods at all.

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Systembolaget warns customers after the mess

At Systembolaget’s website the state-owned company has now added an information text to the home page.

Photo: Screenshot

On further reading, they explain that customers who are awaiting delivery after shopping from the order range can be completely out of goods.

“If you have ordered goods that are delivered by the affected distributor, these will not be able to be delivered. Therefore, we will cancel exactly these goods in your order. It does not help at the moment to place a new order for the same goods that you have had cancelled,” writes the.

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