Symptoms are mixed with flu and teething! Specialist warns, it causes death in babies

Symptoms are mixed with flu and teething Specialist warns it

There has been an increase in rotavirus cases, known as ‘toxic diarrhea’, in recent days. Expressing that the symptoms of the disease in children are vomiting, fever and diarrhea, Pediatric Intensive Care Specialist Dr. İlknur Arslan stated that the disease can cause death. Arslan also underlined that the disease is mostly confused with flu or teething.


Adana City Training and Research Hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Specialist, who said that the cases of diarrhea, which is a symptom of the rotavirus, known as ‘toxic diarrhea’ among the public, have increased. İlknur Arslan stated that the virus, which is seen in almost all children between 0 and 5, can be treated easily with early diagnosis. Stating that in case of symptoms such as vomiting, fever and diarrhea in children, it is necessary to go to the nearest health institution. Arslan said that the rotavirus can be transmitted very easily and may threaten life with fluid loss. Stating that babies pass the virus heavily, Dr. Arslan said, “The virus is transmitted with feces and infects the intestine. The virus begins to be excreted through the stool 48 hours before the diarrhea starts. After the diarrhea begins, it continues to be excreted for 1 week-10 days. This virus continues to infect healthy people through contact during the period when it is excreted with feces.” said.


Stating that the symptoms of rotavirus in children are similar to flu symptoms, Dr. Arslan said, “It can also show similarities with teething symptoms. Parents should check the diarrhea status of their children and observe how much fluid they lose. They should follow the signs such as dryness of the baby’s skin, vomiting, rapid breathing and fever.”


Stating that the need for intensive care of babies under the age of 1 increases with the increase of rotavirus, Dr. Arslan said, “Deaths occur in infants due to organ failure, especially kidney failure, due to fluid loss. Rotavirus is a vaccine-preventable disease. “It is made in the form of drops. It has no serious side effects. It is a vaccine with high immunity and protection. It is possible to protect from a simple diarrhea that can cause death with the vaccine,” he said.

Source: DHA