Sylvester Stallone fired the director of the worst film

Sylvester Stallone fired the director of the worst film

Sylvester Stallone created a monument for himself with the Rambo series. The five action films are collectively considered one of the most iconic franchises in the genre, beloved by billions of fans. However, that doesn’t mean that each of the films gets an equal amount of love. In the ranking of the Rambo films according to Moviepilot ratings Two of the films in particular come out significantly worse than the others.
Sylvester Stallone kicked out Rambo director because his opponents were too beautiful

According to the rating, Rambo III and Rambo: Last Blood land in the last two places. Since Rambo III, with over 5,000 reviews, caused significantly more dissatisfaction than the previous series finale, He deserves the dubious status of bottom. Perhaps Stallone’s bossy behavior during filming was ultimately to blame for the film’s bad reputation.

During production, the star replaced director Russell Mulcahy with Peter MacDonald. The reason was apparently that Mulcahy had cast opponents who were too pretty (!). Stallone later explained to Ain’t It Cool:

[Mulcahy] was tasked with finding two dozen brutal-looking Russian opponents at the filming location in Israel. The sight of them should make your blood run cold. But when I arrived, he had selected two dozen blonde, blue-eyed beauties, who resembled the losers of a surfing competition. I explained my disappointment to him, but he disagreed. So I asked him and his chiffon army to vacate the field.

Like Rambo III with Mulcahys”Chiffon Army” fans can only speculate today. The Rambo series has been largely dependent on Sylvester Stallone’s ideas since the beginning. Whether he always made the right decisions, is another question.