Switzerland will buy 36 F-35s from the USA! Reaction from the opposition

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It has been reported that F-35A deliveries, which will start in 2027 under the agreement between Switzerland and the United States, will continue until 2030, and the F-35As will replace the existing F/A-18 Hornets and F-5 Tigers jets in the Swiss Air Force.


On the other hand, the government’s signing of the agreement without waiting for the opposition’s referendum process drew criticism.

Opposition parties claimed that it was illegal to sign the F-35A agreement without waiting for the results of the referendum, while the Swiss Parliament’s Inspection Commission stated that the agreement was “worrying” but “not against the law”.

In the referendum held in Switzerland in 2020, the proposal to modernize the army was accepted by a majority of votes, but it was not specified in the referendum text from which countries war materials would be purchased within the scope of modernization.


After the referendum, the government signed a preliminary agreement worth 6 billion Swiss francs ($6.1 billion) to buy 36 F-35As from the USA.

Opposition parties had called for taking the issue to a public vote on the grounds that there was no indication that the F-35As would be taken in the 2020 referendum.

The opposition, which gathered signatures under the “Stop the F-35s” campaign, announced on May 27 that they had reached the 100,000 signatures required for the referendum. (AA)