‘Sweet’ warning during Ramadan Feast: “The first days are very difficult”

Sweet warning during Ramadan Feast The first days are very

Experts drew attention to the increase in sweet consumption during the holiday periods before Eid al-Fitr and warned that this could pose a health risk. Specialist Dietitian Gülay Kurt Güneyi stated that the excessive amount of sweet and candy-like products consumed during the holiday are the most important causes of blood sugar irregularities and that portions should be taken into consideration.


Expert says that one should not overdo the consumption of sweets during the holiday. Dietitian Gülay Kurt Güneyi said, “Especially the first days of the holiday are very troublesome for us in this sense. When consumed in excessive amounts, they may face stomach, intestinal and digestive problems. Our priority after Ramadan will now be to switch to a balanced diet. We recommend that you consume plenty of water and increase physical activity.

People will say, ‘We are on a holiday, a lot of guests will come, we have made preparations, what will we do?’ If we have to make and eat desserts as much as possible in our preparations, our choice is; Having milk desserts instead of sherbet desserts. Portion control is important in this sense. Whether it is a main course or a dessert, we definitely have to control the portions. We are not in favor of a uniform diet, we are in favor of a balanced intake of meat, milk, fruit and vegetables, which we group as nutritional elements, at every meal. That’s why we don’t think it’s right to focus on only one food we like at one meal. “We can get enough minerals, vitamins and fiber when we eat a varied diet,” he said.

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Specialist points out the importance of healthy nutrition in preventing diseases. Dietitian Güneyi said, “Since Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Fitr will be sweet and pastry-like things we will eat, this may lead to digestive problems and trigger other diseases along with problems in blood sugar. We are currently ranked 1st in Europe in terms of obesity. Obesity has increased in every age group, being around 35-40 percent in women and 25 percent in men. Healthy nutrition is important for us both in preventing chronic diseases and in preventing childhood diabetes, adult problems, obesity and obesity-related diseases.

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There is currently a serious childhood obesity problem, and Eid is a time when children collect candies and eat them in pairs. Unfortunately, there is also inactivity. We need to know how to say no. We recommend diabetics to eat small and frequent meals and have snacks. Considering that diabetic patients have an important health problem, we invite them to act consciously. Let’s try not to insist as much as possible, our biggest problem is; “We need to know how to say no, especially when it comes to hospitality. We know it is harmful, but we do not know how to say no,” he said.


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