Swedish tokilska after the shock announcement that Russian athletes can start competing again: “Completely incomprehensible”

Last minute The world stood up after Putins decision in

Soon, Russian skiers can return to the skiing world.
It makes the Swedish national skiing team completely boil.
– The timing is incomprehensible, the Swedish Ski Federation’s chairman Karin Mattsson to DN.

Due to Russia’s horrific warfare against Ukraine, Russian athletes have been banned from several different sports. When the president Vladimir Putin now that the war is escalating, it will continue to have consequences for Russian athletes.

The shock message

Last week came the decision from the International Biathlon Union, IBU, to suspend Russia and Belarus during the upcoming biathlon season as well. But now completely different tones are coming from the international ski federation, Fis.

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210110 Yulia Stupak in tears with Yana Kirpichenko of Russia after the women’s 10km cross-country skiing free technique mass start on January 10, 2021 in Val di Fiemme. Photo: Maxim Thoré / BILDBYRÅN / code MT / MT0112

The Secretary General Michel Vion is now opening up for Russian skiers to return to the sport again.
– Right now, the suspensions against Russia and Belarus remain. But it seems that the IOC – which is now meeting with various federations, both for summer and winter sports – is starting to think about more or less opening the door again. So that sport can be, and should be, disconnected from politics, the Fis pump said at a press conference.

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Swedish anger

It could become a reality as early as this winter that Russian and Belarusian skiers can start competing in the World Cup again.
– Then we are not talking about competitions in Russia, but about athletes being allowed to participate in Fis competitions, such as the World Cup, said Vion in his controversial statement.
– But one thing that is certain is that Fis will not make an individual decision without a strong recommendation from the IOC behind it.

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211205 Frida Karlsson of Sweden I after the Women’s Cross Country Skiing Relay 4×5.0 km during the FIS Cross-Country World Cup on December 5, 2021 in Lillehammer. Photo: Marius Simensen / BILDBYRÅN / COP 238 / MM0007

The words have provoked strong reactions around the skiing world, and in Sweden people are really annoyed by the shocking news.
– We have the opposite opinion. We actually don’t understand why this is even appearing now, says the chairman of the Swedish Skiing Association Karin Mattsson to Dagens Nyheter.


Mattsson admits that she finds it very difficult to believe that the IOC will uphold its recommendation to suspend Russian and Belarusian skaters already this winter due to the current state of war in Ukraine.
– There is nothing to indicate that it is easing and the situation in Ukraine is worse than ever. It is clear that it is difficult for those who are not allowed to compete, but this is an issue that is much bigger than that. Now giving up to compete under a neutral flag sends completely the wrong signals. The timing is actually incomprehensible, says the ski association’s chairman to the daily newspaper.

During the spring, Sweden was one of the initiators of convincing Fis to throw out Russian and Belarusian skiers from the World Cup. Now they must once again contact the International Ski Federation to air their dissatisfaction.
– We haven’t had time to discuss how we do it, but we will of course present our opinion to Fis, says Mattsson to DN.

Norway is also on the same track as Sweden and cannot at all understand the new approach of Fis.
“This is unknown to me. Putin’s speech did not give any hope for an end to the brutal attack on Ukraine and the Ukrainian people,” writes the chairman of the Norwegian Skiing Association Erik Röste in an SMS to NTB.

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