Swedish Match is being sued – they became addicted to tobacco-free snus

Swedish Match is being sued they became addicted to

An American man has sued the tobacco giant Philip Morris in the United States and its subsidiary Swedish Match for having become addicted to white snus.

Philip Morris writes in a comment to P3 Nyheter that the accusations are unfounded and that it will vigorously defend itself against them.

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Tobacco-free nicotine pouches, also called “white snus” consist of fibres, nicotine, fillers and flavourings. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TTAmerikan became addicted to tobacco-free snus

The news agency Bloomberg reported on the lawsuit in early March. Behind the lawsuit is an American man who claims he became addicted to the tobacco-free white snus product Zyn and suffered dental problems. The lawsuit states, according to Bloomberg, that the two companies did not adequately warn that Zyn could be addictive and have other harmful health effects.

“They think that it is not clear how risky these products are, but they have attracted young people in different ways via social media, TikTok and other platforms,” ​​says the nicotine researcher Louise Adermark at Gothenburg University to P3 Nyheter.

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The Swedish snuff manufacturer Swedish Match was founded in 1915. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT

According to her, the law firm handling the legal process has a long history of targeting nicotine companies. Adermark points out that there is largely no research on the tobacco-free white snus and thus there is a lack of scientific evidence that it is harmful, which she believes the companies will press for in a legal process.

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