Swedish Helene Biehler testified about the plane crash in Nepal

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At least 68 people have died since a plane crashed in the city of Pokhara in central Nepal, police said, AP reports. Among the passengers were at least 15 foreign nationals.

A video on social media shows the aircraft coming in low over a densely populated area before suddenly making a sharp turn to the left, followed by a loud explosion. Other images show flames and black smoke from wreckage of the plane scattered at the crash site.

“Airplanes we fly with all the time”

Swedish Helene Biehler lives in Pokhara and heard the sirens after the crash while she was eating breakfast.

– It comes awfully close. These are airplanes that my husband and I travel on all the time, she says.

– We have just celebrated Christmas here and his child flew with that airline. What is spinning in the head is that this could just as well have been us and that is what has been the troublesome thought, Helene continues.

See images from the chaos in the player above.