Swedish death in traffic accident in Thailand

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms the death to the newspaper and states that the man is a native of Götaland.

The driver, a 26-year-old man, remained at the scene and waited for the police. He has admitted to driving recklessly at excessive speed, according to local media.

The violent collision was caught on surveillance cameras. The Swede had made it almost halfway across the street when the car came speeding. Pictures in the Thai media show the car with a heavily demolished front end.

According to local police, the driver was breaking the speed limit. In densely built-up areas with narrow roads in Thailand, a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour applies.

The driver is suspected of causing the death of another, negligence in traffic and of having caused damage to another’s property. He risks ten years in prison and a fine of up to 200,000 baht, equivalent to roughly 58,000 Swedish kronor. Because the man remained at the scene of the accident, he has not been detained.