Swedes prioritize travel: Here are the countries that have become cheaper

That the Swedish krona has been weak is something that has been noticed in Swedes’ wallets abroad. But the fact that travel has become more expensive is also explained by the fact that the price of charter trips has gone up.

– I think most people feel that it is expensive to travel today. In Sweden, the price of package holidays has increased by 20 percent in the past year, says Johan Javeus.

Expected to go towards a record year

But despite the more expensive price tag, many are still prepared to pay to get away. According to the UN’s tourism barometer increased tourism by 34 percent last year and in 2024 tourism is expected to recover the entire loss from the corona pandemic and reach new record levels.

– We choose to prioritize travel. It is a little surprising given that it has become significantly more expensive, he says.

Some countries have become cheaper

Stefan Westerberg, private economist at Länsförsäkringar, believes that many households will treat themselves to a trip this summer, despite the high price tag.

– Many still have margins left. Two-thirds of all households say they have a good economy, he says.

SEB has compiled how the purchasing power of the Swedish krona has changed over the past year. While countries like Poland and Mexico have become significantly more expensive since last year, there are several countries where it has become cheaper, for example in Turkey.

But there are more examples of where it has become cheaper to travel since 2023. See where the krone lasts the longest in the video above. And what does it look like for the popular destinations to the Mediterranean and the United States?