Sweden’s best café will remain in Mariefred

Swedens best cafe will remain in Mariefred

News24 has previously written about Annas Hembageri in Mariefred. The bakery was named “Sweden’s best café” in 2016-2017 by White Guide Café, according to their website.

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Sweden’s best cafe went bankrupt

The cafe was known for its juicy buns and tasty bread, baked with organic ingredients. But despite the cafe’s popularity and the fine awards, the bakery had to close at the end of last year.

The bakery had, according to the company overview for the bakery, which Nyheter24 learned about, went back by 355,000 kroner and could not afford to continue with the business.

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Annas Hembageri is allowed to live on

At the end of January 2024, the bakery revealed the amazing news. The cafe’s equipment and all popular recipes have been bought by Gripsholms Värdshus.

And the old staff from the home bakery will have the opportunity to transfer their knowledge to all the bakers and cooks at Gripsholms Värdshus during the spring, so that Sweden’s best café can live on.

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The cafe moves to Gripsholms Värdshus in Mariefred

So from this spring, Annas Hembageri’s popular sourdough bread and juicy pastries will be available to buy in Mariefred again. On Annas Hembageri’s Facebook page, the cafe writes:

“Sometimes things work out in a really good way. Gripsholms Värdshus buys all our equipment (and recipes!) and joins the bakery. In addition, during the spring we get the opportunity to pass on all the knowledge we have acquired over the years in Mariefred to the talented bakers and cooks at Gripsholms Värdshus. Great fun!”.

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