SVT’s reporter: Neighbors think it is extremely tragic

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– Extremely tragic. I have been in contact with the business to make sure that they are handling the crisis, both for their employees but also for those affected – with accommodation and so on, says Agneta Resin, head of the health and care administration of Enköping municipality.

SVT’s reporter Kina Pohjanen is on site in Enköping.

– We have spoken to neighbors who say that it is extremely tragic what happened and that their thoughts go out to the relatives, she says.

The police are classifying the incident as a suspected murder.

– What the police say is that even if you have a suspect, you are early in the investigation and that you still have a lot to do. Further crime scene investigation and investigative measures are expected. More interrogations are also expected tomorrow, says SVT’s reporter Kina Pohjanen.

Hear her talk in the clip above about how the news of the crime has been received by the people of Enköping.