SVT must have cheated somehow as we get the most worthy finale of the Champions of Champions ever – and here is the winner

This year’s season of the Champions of Champions has lived up to all expectations.
Tonight’s episode really shows how brutal the competition has been this year.
And now we also get the most worthy finale in the show’s history.

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Everyone already knew in advance that the sixteenth season of SVT’s acclaimed TV program “Master of Masters” would be something of a horse. With so many big names accepting, a buffet of sports nostalgia was laid out for all television viewers on Sunday nights.

Has SVT cheated?

But the competition also became brutal with so many winning skulls collected in Catalonia. Over the course of the weeks, we have been able to follow a wonderful mix of rock-hard competitions and cozy dinners when the sporting heroes have become incredibly close to each other.

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The final of the Champions of Champions will be the fairest in the program’s history. PHOTO: SVT

After nine episodes, we now have a final field oozing with adrenaline and 60 minutes of nerve-wracking excitement ahead of us. Nevertheless, one wonders if SVT has cheated in some way, because it is not possible to get a more worthy final in the Master of Masters where all the finalists have really earned their place in the very last episode.

Poor Emma

Johanna Ahlm and Anna Wijk both disappeared early and logically while their baneman Tony Rickardsson certainly was a great personality, but way too old for this year’s season and didn’t keep up with most competitions. Many would have liked to see Joel Lundqvist in a final but to be completely honest he was far too careless and unfocused in many competitions and actually deserved to go out.

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It obviously hurts the heart to see Emma Johansson forced to leave in tonight’s episode in the most brutal way, by being eliminated in the final duel of the night. We are left with four people who form the program’s most impressive final field of all time.

Most worthy final

Sebastian Larsson with his will of steel and world-class fitness, Anja Pärsson with a primal power within him that is unparalleled and a physique that still impresses, Jimmy Samuelsson with incredible all-round qualities that make him dangerous in all competitions and the surprise of the year i Johanna Davidsson with a wisdom and versatility that makes her a real joker in the final.

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Sebastian Larsson and Emma Johansson settled in the last duel of the night. PHOTO: SVT

But if we get to pick a winner next Sunday, the tip goes to wrestler-Jimmy. He has stepped it up in recent episodes and in physical contests he is hard to beat with his strength and agility, however his Achilles heel is if he is forced to use his head for puzzles or clever challenges.

Regardless of how it goes, it will be incredibly exciting to sit down for the final of the Champions of Champions next weekend. Where all four contestants are worthy winners and true champions in our eyes!

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