SVT expert Björn Ferry’s brutally honest words about Stina Nilsson – now extinguishes all hope: “It feels done”

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Stina Nilsson still dreams of a place in the Biathlon World Cup.
But now Björn Ferry dashes all hopes for the Swede.
– Stina’s WC spot feels sealed if nothing unforeseen happens, says the expert to SVT Sport.

The season has been tough so far Stina Nilsson who didn’t get either the shooting or the riding to match. The third season as a biathlete has therefore been really tough and last week she was also poked in the world cup and sent down to the IBU cup.

Stina’s WC hope

After two consecutive top 10 placings in the Slovenian Pokljuka, the Swede is now back in the World Cup again, as a reserve on the spot in Antholz. There have been question marks around Elvira Öberg’s health and therefore Nilsson had to accompany the national team to Italy.

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221113 Stina Nilsson during the biathlon premiere in women’s sprint on 13 November 2022 in Idre. Photo: Johanna Wallen / BILDBYRÅN / code JW / JW0034

Stina’s hope for a place at the Biathlon World Cup in February is also still alive. But after today’s announcement that Öberg is healthy again and will most likely compete in Antholz, the last hope for Nilsson is probably extinguished.
– The management has said that everything is open and that they weigh both the latest and the historical results, but it is clear that it feels like they need a lot for Stina to get the chance in the WC, says the expert Bjorn Ferry to SVT Sport.

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Ferry’s honesty

On Monday, the Swedish national squad for the Biathlon World Cup will be announced and Ferry is now brutally honest when he says that unfortunately there will be no World Cup ticket for 29-year-old Stina Nilsson. Instead it will be Mona Brorsson who takes the last place in the WC squad.
– It is very much leaning towards Mona, it is more logical, she has more experience from the WC and has been in relays before, and she also did well when she got the chance in the mixed relay during the World Cup competitions in Pokljuka ten days ago. Stina’s WC spot feels sealed unless something unforeseen happens, says the expert and former national team skater in his statement.

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211113 Björn Ferry from SVT at the Biathlon season opening on November 13, 2021 in Idre. Photo: Daniel Eriksson / BILDBYRÅN / COP 173 / DE0074

But there is a single, crucial detail that could save Stina’s WC dreams, in Ferry’s opinion.
– That Mona Brorsson shoots three hurdles and finishes in 98th place tomorrow, admits the SVT expert.

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