Suzuki eVX Concept to Start Deliveries in 2025

Suzuki eVX Concept to Start Deliveries in 2025

Suzuki, eVX concept It was unveiled on the company’s website at the 2023 Auto Expo in New Delhi, accompanied by a brief and not very informative press release. eVX, production car will make its debut in 2025 A compact crossover with

The Japanese automaker is pretty slow in the party and remains one of the few legacy automakers that still doesn’t have an all-electric car in its portfolio. It looks like fans of the brand will have to wait a few more years for that.

Suzuki, eVX has all-wheel drivelarger than the Vitara and a battery capacity of close to 60 kWh and range of about 550 km It does not reveal much in terms of technical features, except that it comes with. This was calculated by India’s MIDC, which tends to be more optimistic.

The design is sharp and aggressive and eIndicates that the VX is field ready. Still, it’s still a long time before Suzuki really starts building a car based on the eVX, so some things can change.

Suzuki also for electric cars two-speed gearbox from Canada in a project that provides Collaboration with Inmotive noticed what he did. This will ultimately increase efficiency and range and will be used in future Suzuki cars.