Sustainability, Unicredit supports Unifarco’s growth plans

Sustainability Unicredit supports Unifarcos growth plans

(Finance) – Unicredit supports the plans of sustainable growth of Unifarco: the bank has in fact structured a financial support operation in favor of the Group based in Santa Giustina (Belluno)to 6 million euros through financing “Sustainable Future”. Through financing “Sustainable Future”, UniCredit recognizes the company, at the time of disbursement, a reduction in the rate compared to the conditions offered for these operations, with subsequent verification of the achievement of the improvement objectives within ESG, set yourself to stipulation of the loan.

More specifically, the related objectives to the operation concern the implementation of the supply of electricity from renewable sources with Guarantees of Origin and the commitment of resources for the creation of programs dedicated to corporate welfare for company employees.

This operation – explains the note – is part of the broader ESG investment plan implemented in recent years by Unifarco which led to the acquisition of Benefit Company status in 2021 and, in 2023, to the drafting of the first consolidated sustainability report that reports the performance of all the companies of the Group.

“Unifarco was born to spread the culture of well-being and this is why we are committed every day to promoting sustainable choices in all company aspects, from the productive one linked to the business, to the financial one, to attention to people, whether internal or external to the company, and, obviously, to environment in a virtuous and continuously improving process” he declares Ernesto Riva, President of Unifarco.

For Francesco IannellaRegional Manager North East of UniCredit “the theme of sustainability, in its broadest sense, has become a discriminating factor for success on the markets and Unifarco he has understood this well for years now. This operation is therefore in continuity with the development plan carried out by the company in recent years and is concrete proof, yet another, of UniCredit’s desire to support companies that truly believe in sustainability as a direction of development, with concrete returns for the development of this territory and of the community”.

The Unifarco Group – for which reducing its environmental impact has always been a priority and a starting point for Unifarco – closed on 2023 with a consolidated turnover exceeding 160 million euros, growing by 12% compared to the previous year and 75% of which was carried out in Italy and the remaining 25% abroad (Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Switzerland and other non-EU countries) thanks to the activity of over 800 collaborators between employees at headquarters and staff in the area (trainers, informants, beauty consultants, agents, etc.).