Support Futura on Patreon and receive benefits every month!

Support Futura on Patreon and receive benefits every month

The Futura adventure began 20 years ago. Independent media since its inception, you can now offer your support on Patreon! In return, you will be entitled to exclusive advantages such as ad-free browsing on the entire site and the possibility of participating in the life of Futura! Explanations.

What is Patreon and how does it work?

Patreon is the support platform we have chosen for our subscription system. The site invites Internet users to finance a multitude of creative projects through regular subscriptions. Today we are offering two subscription plans with no obligation.

The first is named ” Futura ad-free “. It provides guaranteed access without advertising to the entire site and to its services for € 3.29 per month (+ VAT).

The second subscription formula ” I participate in the life of Futura is more engaging, in the sense that, in addition to ad-free access, it gives you the opportunity to participate in the life of our independent media (votes, new content, polls, etc.) for € 6.29 per month (+ VAT).

If you like our articles, if you follow scientific news with the same avidity and curiosity as us, and if you want even more, with new formats, support us in our future adventures by becoming a contributor on Patreon!

At the moment, subscriptions are offered year-round, which allows you to benefit from a 10% reduction! By helping us, you concretely create the conditions favorable to an increasingly serious, free and precise work. So thank you very much.

How do I subscribe to Futura on Patreon?

Here are the steps to follow in order to subscribe:

  • Click on the golden star at the top right of the Futura logo: this is the member’s area that allows you to subscribe or identify yourself if you already have an account on Patreon.

  • You are going to have a ” pop-up »Which will invite you to discover Futura subscriptions, click on this button!
  • Then a new window will open to redirect you to our subscriptions on Patreon
  • You can then choose the subscription that suits you, and create an account. via Patreon to unlock this subscription and its benefits.
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  • You will then receive a confirmation email for your registration.
  • Now you can have access to all of our posts on the Patreon platform, as well as ad-free articles!
  • Check your mailbox regularly, this is where you will receive notifications for each of our publications on the Patreon platform.

Each time you come back to the Futura site, make sure you are logged in by clicking on the golden star at the top right, otherwise the ad-free module will not be able to activate.

See you on Patreon!

Here is the kind of content you will see on our Patreon account: live discussions with the editorial teams, and many more surprises!

Do not hesitate to us contact directly if you want to ask us more questions about this Patreon space, and about our approach.

Thank you for your support and see you soon in our member’s area!

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