Superstar Paul Pogba’s older brother was arrested last week – this is what the confusing blackmail case is all about

Superstar Paul Pogbas older brother was arrested last week

According to media reports, Mathias Pogba and four other close acquaintances of the Pogba brothers have tried to extort 13 million euros from Paul Pogba.

French Paul Pogba, 29, is one of the most famous soccer players in the world. He moved from Juventus to Manchester United in 2016 for a world record fee of 105 million euros.

The last seasons in ManU went poorly. In the summer, Pogba returned to Juventus for free when the contract with the Manchester side expired.

This season, Pogba has yet to play due to a knee injury, but the 2018 world champion and four-time Italian champion has remained in the headlines. The main reason for that is his older brother Mathias Pogba.

Jupakka, which has been the topic of international media for weeks, took a new turn when Mathias was arrested on Wednesday. A charge of extortion has been filed against him. Four other close acquaintances of the brothers are suspected.

The strange controversy became public in August when Mathias released a video promising “explosive” revelations about his brother. According to him, the whole world deserves to know “certain things”.

According to Paul, there have been attempts to extort 13 million euros from him so that Mathias would not make revelations.

Paul said he had been taken to an apartment in the suburbs of Paris where he was threatened by armed men. Paul had paid his blackmailers 100,000 euros.

Paul had told the prosecutor in Turin about the blackmail attempts on July 16. Mathias’ lawyer denies the accusations.

The French police opened an investigation, and in September the prosecutor Laure Beccuau said the investigation has looked into allegations against an as-yet-unidentified person, including “extortion, kidnapping and conspiracy by an armed gang”.

According to media sources, Mathias had, among other things, intended to reveal that Paul had asked a witch doctor to cast a curse on the PSG striker For Kylian Mbappe. Paul has admitted that he paid the witch doctor, but only to protect himself.

Mathias, 32, is also a soccer player. He has most recently represented Belfort in France’s fourth tier.

One of the reasons behind the alleged crimes is that Mathias and his childhood friends are not happy with how Paul has helped them become a world star, even though they lived with Paul in Manchester and Paul has supported them financially.

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