Superman Henry Cavill tells how he watched the Netflix series Arcane and even that sounds kind of awesome

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When regular people watch a show on Netflix, like the League of Legends series Arcane, it tends to sound pretty lame: chips, couch, crumbs. But with actor Henry Cavill (The Witcher, Superman), that somehow sounds like a fantastic experience, says MeinmMO author Schuhmann.

This is how Henry Cavill was until 10 years ago: Henry Cavill is on a roll. It used to be hard for people like me to even remember his face. He also proved to be a pretty lousy choice of roles.

Cavill is a 1.85 m tall British actor. For years he looked colorless, with his pithy chin and perfect posture. As if you had ordered a “male lead for action films” in the catalogue. He looked similar to other actors like Matt Boner (White Collar) or the, in my opinion, much cooler Timothy Olyphant (Justified), so that Cavill had a hard time standing out from the crowd at the beginning of his acting career.

He had his first breakthrough in 2007 with a role in the series “The Tudors”. But Cavill was unlucky again and again, losing roles in major productions to Robert “Twinkles in the Dark” Pattinson in his twenties: Pattinson outdid him in both Twilight and Harry Potter.

Ultimately, Cavill was cast as an “action hero” when he was in his early 30s, but remained somewhat bleak and hapless:

  • In 2012 he got the lead role in the thriller The Cold Light of Day – the thing is 4% on Rotten Tomatoes and although it stars Bruce Willis and I’m sure I’ve seen him several times, I can’t remember Cavill.
  • Cavill played the mythical hero Theseus in 2012’s “War of the Gods” as if from an assembly line – the real heroes in the film here were the monsters and their special effects.
  • Cavill didn’t even really stand out in Superman: Man of Steel (2013) with his flawless chin. Even if it was certainly an important career step for him.
  • Superman Henry Cavill scares visitors with his gaming collection – “Get me out of here”

    Ever since the nerds fell in love with Cavill, their career has also been going well

    This is how it has been for him since then: But that has gradually changed in recent years, especially in the last 5 years he has had a run.

    In interviews, Cavill turned out to be someone who is uninhibitedly into science fiction and fantasy, prefers to paint miniatures in his free time, tinkers with his PC and can talk for hours about the great fantasy epics. Fantasy and science fiction fans around the world immediately fell in love with him.

    It kind of got cool to like Cavill.

    His career went uphill. He played more (and better) Superman, got the lead role in the Netflix series The Witcher (2019 – 81% Rotten Tomatoes) and got to beat up Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible (2018 – 97% Rotten Tomatoes).

    As a character that is only flawless at first glance and somehow has something dark about it, Cavill works much better than as a radiant hero. With exactly such a role, Anthony Starr is just rising to the top league as Homelander (The Boys).

    Arcane: Season 2 in the teaser

    BBC reporter recommends Netflix series to Cavill – he falls in love instantly

    This is what he now tells about Arcane: In an interview with the BBC about his new film Enola Holmes 2, Cavill was asked by interviewer Ali Plumb if he had already seen Arcane. Because Plump had recommended the series to him because he thought he would like it.

    Plump asks, “Did you like Arcane as much as I told you you would?”

    Cavilll immediately raves (via youtube):

    Yes, I really liked it. I’m so glad you recommended it to me. When you told me about Arcane, I came home and said to Natalie: Some guy at work told me I had to watch Arcane. And she said, oh, I’ve heard a lot of good things about that. So we started Arcane and couldn’t stop. Then it got really late and Natalia said: We should go to bed now. And I said, no, no, no, we should definitely keep looking. And she said: Alright, you’re right. It was fantastic.”

    Cavill with his girlfriend Natalie Viscuso:

    It’s usually assumed that a Hollywood star like Cavill spends time at the gym or at events, networking or preparing for new roles.

    But apparently he’s lucky enough to sit in front of the television for 6 hours and has a woman at his side who watches it with him and shares his hobby.

    Sounds like a really good life.

    And all this just because he plays WoW:

    World of Warcraft: Superman just had to complete the instance